Clearmark GPB 56 Tape Sealer

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The Clearmark GPB 56 is similar to the Clearmark GPA 50 Tape Sealer in that it is a side belt driven, manually loaded Case Taper with the ability to cater for a variation of different case sizes. However, the Clearmark GPB 56 case sealer is designed to cope with taller boxes, up to 600mm in height. The simple hand wheel and the self-centering in-feed guides ensure accurate taping and a quick change over time.

This machine operates after the case flaps have been a provisionally folded by the operator. The case is then fed into the machine via the undriven rollers before being automatically transported and sealed by the Clearmark GPB 56 case sealer machine.

Thanks to an compact footprint and an adjustable working height, the Clearmark GPB 56 will fit comfortably into any production environment. The Clearmark GPB 56 is of a high quality and robust construction with easy changeovers from one case to another, should this be needed.


This item can take up to 8 weeks delivery



  • Assembled in the UK.
  • Manually adjust the height and the width for different size of cartons;
  • Side belts driven; top and bottom sealing
  • Cutter Safety system for extra hand protection.
  • Made from powder coated mild steel. Stainless steel option available.
  • Universal types, fit for all kinds of cartons sealing
  • Copes with boxes up to 600mm in height


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